The willingness to help others


I was talking the other day with my friend and he was telling me that after hearing alot of my stories that all he could see in me was that I have a huge heart and that he was blown away at my desire and strength to help and assist other people I know in their times of need. For instance, showing others how to get financial free online by blogging like I do.

I wrote this up so I can share this with you and hopefully you’ll take this little bit of  hope with you in your travels.


The List

1. Ask – 90% of the time people if they need help they will come you youif they know you can or are willing. But there are those who, I guess, may have to much pride or are just in a place were they don’t think they need it or don’t have the strength to ask. So take the step up and just let them know that you are here for them and ask them what you can do to help. Sometimes you be suprised just how easy it its to make someone feel better

2. Turn the tables – Take the time and take the perspective of the other person. Try and see the world through their eyes. This will help you find the clues you need to get that person what they need. It will also come through to them that you really care.

3. Give back – This is the best thing you can do and many want to but have no idea how great this is just for yourself. Volunteering or donating to charitable organizations. I can personally tell you that I was not one to do this, and then I threw my self into volunteering at a orphanage, and it was so rewarding. Just do it.

4. Listen - be that ear that they don’t have to talk too. Sometimes people just need to been heard. Just so that they know that someone knows their pain and story.

5. Think about what could happen if you don’t – It’s always nice to lend a hand. Bringing that mentality of help into anyone’s life can be enough. The more you leave them alone the worse things will get. Just help people



Thank everyone around you for the things they do for you

Be positive regardless of what happens to you

Tell people how much you appreciate the things that they have done for you

Even if it feels awkward the first time you keep going with it

Every bit, every second counts


I love writing blogs like this and I especially enjoy letting people take away something from every blog. Did you like that you read and what you see. Join me and make some money blogging exactly like I do.

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  1. Love this! So inspirational and I hope to carry out your great suggestions!

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